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Productivity Hack - How to block the websites you visit often?

Dear Inner Circle Friends,

I know how you have been listening to me on productivity hacks and on improving your work-life balance. Today I have something to confess. I recently fell into a bad habit of wasting time and money. The habit formed when I started listening to business news and started reading articles related to stock markets. Then I fell into the trap of checking these websites very often and wasting time reading articles too many times a day.

I clocked my time wasted to be around 2 hours per day which was not I wanted exactly. I wanted to put a stop to this shitty behavior and get my time back. What did I do?

The solution that I came up with is what I have written below.

Solution 1 - Use a chrome plugin available in your chrome marketplace The famous chrome plugin seems to be Block Site to accomplish the same is (

All you have to do is:

Add the chrome plugin by visiting th…