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CRM Leads - Response Time - How to Reduce Your Response Times using Lead Response Management

Introduction Why am I talking about the Lead Response Times? Because I have been there and done that. I ran a business and now I am promoting my books and other written materials in my website. I have a website that I also run for publishing my messages across my fans and subscribers. I came to understand that replying promptly to your leads or messages has a great impact on building your brand, trust and loyalty.
Is Response Time Really Important? There is a HBR study that says that online leads that are left for more than 1 hour without replying become stale. Read it here -

HBR study says that the sales reps are likely to have meaningful conversations seven times more if they reply within the first hour. One of the best aspects a probable customer will likely to remember is a meaningful conversation and that helps when it happens with the first hour of contact.
How to Increase the Responsiveness? The first step is to iden…
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